The Beeville Vineyard Inc.

      210 N. Monroe, Beeville, TX 78102 

      361-358-7500   fax 361-358-5181




Our Mission




  • Clothing and household items
  • Emergency Food
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Fans & Heaters

      Rental Assistance

      Prescription Assistance

  • Utility Assistance

     Transportation Assistance

ALL services are FREE of charge



The purpose of The Beeville Vineyard Inc. is to unite the efforts of faith based communities in their response to the needs of the poor as defined by state and federal government guidelines without regard to ethnicity, race, national origin, creed, religious preference, or gender, and respond to others affected by extreme circumstances. Act as a resource for food and clothing and administer funds granted by charitable trusts, foundations and organizations. The Beeville Vineyard, Inc. will work to alleviate poverty and underemployment through partnership with other agencies  to meet the changing needs of the poor. We are a non-profit (501) (3Xc) organization, started in 1984. Local churches saw a need for a central location for those in need to receive assistance.  

" We are a source for those with low incomes, the elderly, the sick

and those who have fallen on hard times."

For Bee County residents.